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chart – Displays Google Sheet data as a chart instead of a table. Valid values are:

    • AnnotatedTimeLine
    • Annotation
  • Area
  • Bar
  • Bubble
  • Candlestick
  • Column
  • Combo
  • Gauge
  • Geo
  • Histogram
  • Line
  • Pie
  • Scatter
  • Stepped
  • Timeline
  • class – An optional custom HTML class value or space-separated list of values. The following class names are treated specially:
    no-datatables deactivates all DataTables features.
    no-responsive deactivates only DataTables’ Responsive features.
    FixedHeader or its synonym, FixedHeader-top, freezes the table header (its content) to the top of the window while scrolling vertically.
  • chart_aggregation_target
  • chart_all_values_suffix
  • chart_allow_html
  • chart_allow_redraw
  • chart_animation
  • chart_annotations
  • chart_annotations_width
  • chart_area_opacity
  • chart_avoid_overlapping_grid_lines
  • chart_axis_titles_position
  • chart_background_color
  • chart_bars
  • chart_bubble
  • chart_candlestick
  • chart_chart_area
  • chart_color_axis
  • chart_colors
  • chart_crosshair
  • chart_curve_type
  • chart_data_opacity
  • chart_dataless_region_color
  • chart_date_format
  • chart_default_color
  • chart_dimensions
  • chart_display_annotations
  • chart_display_annotations_filter
  • chart_display_date_bar_separator
  • chart_display_exact_values
  • chart_display_legend_dots
  • chart_display_legend_values
  • chart_display_mode
  • chart_display_range_selector
  • chart_display_zoom_buttons
  • chart_domain
  • chart_enable_interactivity
  • chart_enable_region_interactivity
  • chart_explorer
  • chart_fill
  • chart_focus_target
  • chart_font_name
  • chart_font_size
  • chart_force_i_frame
  • chart_green_color
  • chart_green_from
  • chart_green_to
  • chart_h_axes
  • chart_h_axis
  • chart_height
  • chart_highlight_dot
  • chart_interpolate_nulls
  • chart_is_stacked
  • chart_keep_aspect_ratio
  • chart_legend
  • chart_line_width
  • chart_magnifying_glass
  • chart_major_ticks
  • chart_marker_opacity
  • chart_max
  • chart_min
  • chart_minor_ticks
  • chart_number_formats
  • chart_orientation
  • chart_pie_hole
  • chart_pie_residue_slice_color
  • chart_pie_residue_slice_label
  • chart_pie_slice_border_color
  • chart_pie_slice_text
  • chart_pie_slice_text_style
  • chart_pie_start_angle
  • chart_point_shape
  • chart_point_size
  • chart_red_color
  • chart_red_from
  • chart_red_to
  • chart_region
  • chart_resolution
  • chart_reverse_categories
  • chart_scale_columns
  • chart_scale_format
  • chart_scale_type
  • chart_selection_mode
  • chart_series
  • chart_size_axis
  • chart_slice_visibility_threshold
  • chart_slices
  • chart_table
  • chart_theme
  • chart_thickness
  • chart_timeline
  • chart_title_position
  • chart_title_text_style
  • chart_tooltip
  • chart_trendlines
  • chart_v_axes
  • chart_v_axis
  • chart_width
  • chart_wmode
  • chart_yellow_color
  • chart_yellow_from
  • chart_yellow_to
  • chart_zoom_end_time
  • chart_zoom_start_time

FixedHeader-footer freezes the table footer (itscontent) to the bottom of the window while scrolling vertically.

FixedHeader-left or FixedHeader-right freezes the left- or right-most column of the table while scrolling horizontally. (You will also need to set datatables_scroll_x=”true” in your shortcode to enable horizontal scrolling.)

FixedColumns-left-N or FixedColumns-right-N freezes the left- or right-most N columns in the table, respectively. For example, class=”FixedColumns-left-3″ will freeze the three left-most columns.

csv_headers – Whether or not to include textual headers in Google Sheet CSV exports when using query or chart. (Default: 0, which is to exclude them, which is equivalent to the Google default. Use 1 to include them.)

expire_in – How long to cache responses for, in seconds. Set this to 0 to cache forever. (Default: 600, which is ten minutes.)

footer_rows – A number specifying how many trailing rows to place in the output’s element. (Default: 0.)

header_cols – A number specifying how many column cells should be written withelements. (Default: 0.)
header_rows – A number specifying how many leading rows to place in the output’selement. (Default: 1.)

height – Height of the containing HTML element. Tables ignore this, use style instead. (Default: automatically calculated.)

http_opts – A JSON string representing options to pass to the WordPress HTTP API, like .

lang – The ISO 639 language code declaring the human language of the spreadsheet’s contents. For instance, use nl-NL to declare that content is in Dutch. (Default: your site’s global language setting.)

linkify – Whether or not to automatically turn URLs, email addresses, and so on, into clickable links. Set to no to disable this behavior. (Default: true.)

query – A Google Query Language query if the data source is a Google Spreadsheet or CSV file, or a SQL SELECT statement if the data source is a MySQL database. Note: Arrow bracktets (< and >) in queries must be URL-encoded (%3C and %3E, respectively) to avoid confusing the WordPress HTML parser. (Default: none.)

strip – The number of leading data source rows to omit from the resulting HTML table. (Default: 0.)

style – An inline CSS rule applied to the containing HTML element. For example, to set a fixed height on a table, use . (Default: none.)

summary – A brief description of the information displayed for the summary attribute of the resulting HTML

. Web pages written in HTML5 should not use this; use a table caption instead. (Default: none.)title – An optional title for your data visualization or table. This is usually displayed in Web browsers as a tooltip when a user hovers over the table or is shown as the headline of a chart. (Default: none.)use_cache – Whether or not to cache spreadsheet data. Set this to no to disable caching for that shortcode invocation. (Default: true.)width – Width of the containing HTML element. Tables ignore this, use style instead. (Default: 100%.)